Episode 26: The Best of 2020


This week, Kelley Richey and Julia Avery discuss the positive things that came out of the year of 2020. Although an unprecedented year, they choose to focus on experiences, entertainment, movements and people that inspired and uplifted them. Stay tuned for a detailed list of Kelley and Julia’s “Best if 2020”!

About Author

Julia Avery was raised in a large and religious family in rural Kentucky. She was the fifth child out of six; all homeschooled until graduation with exception for the youngest. Due to a suppressed childhood, she dreamt with immense imagination and vigor. This is something she has never outgrown and never plans to. Amongst such dreams and passions is the desire to make a lasting and positive impact on the world, to create endlessly, always improve, and love fully. She loves photography, art, film/tv/entertainment, writing, politics, ....and most everything really!

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