About the Family Ties Podcast

about the family ties podcast

The Family Ties is a new True Crime podcast created by two sisters on opposite ends of the United States focusing on crimes committed against children. Distance may keep them apart, but the series creates the perfect backdrop to remain connected, engaged, and always learning about the newest and most up-to-date crime cases.

Meet Kelley

Location: Aurora, CO

Age: 33

Zodiac Sign: Virgo all the way!

Work: Customer Service Manager at Pep Move

Kelley grew up as the fourth of six children in small town Hodgenville, Kentucky where she and her siblings were all homeschooled until graduation when she escaped as quickly as she could off to college. Ever since she has been on a quest for learning and enlightenment. She is deeply passionate about politics, animals (particularly dogs and horses), art, film, fashion, and global issues. Science rules and religion drools! 

kelley richey

Meet Julia

Location: Jacksonville, FL

Age: 28

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Work: Entrepreneur

Julia spent most of her youth being home-schooled alongside her 5 siblings and stifled by religious influence in small town Hodgenville, Kentucky. Eager to be independent, she moved out just before turning 18, working random jobs while coming face to face with sexism, rampant gossip, and white male dominance. Her experiences growing up and navigating life made her determined to learn, grow, create, and strive to become a positive and empowering female force.

Julia Avery

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