The Family Ties Podcast – A True Crime Podcast Series

Introducing “The Family Ties Podcast,” a gripping true crime series that sheds light on a national epidemic: crimes committed against children in the United States. Join us as we explore shocking cases of abuse, neglect, torture, and even murder, all with the goal of educating the public and inspiring action in our communities.

Your host, Kelley Richey, delves deep into each heartbreaking case, weaving together the harrowing details and unveiling the tragic reality faced by vulnerable children. This true crime podcast brings to light the dark underbelly of crimes against children, aiming to raise awareness and foster change.

Drawing from personal experience as an abused homeschooled child in rural Kentucky, Kelley passionately advocates for law reform to better protect those who need it most. Through each episode, this true crime podcast challenges the status quo and demands accountability, striving to ensure that no child falls through the cracks again.

Having witnessed firsthand the failures of social services, Kelley understands the urgent need for action. Each episode of “The Family Ties Podcast” serves as a call to arms, encouraging listeners to stand up, speak out, and make a difference in their own communities. Together, we can break the cycle and build a safer, more compassionate society for future generations.

It’s a sobering truth that organizations like The Homeschool Legal Defense Association have shielded parents from investigations into the well-being of homeschooled children. Through powerful storytelling and personal revelations, “The Family Ties Podcast” sheds light on the challenges and demands accountability, demanding better protection for all children, regardless of their educational setting.

Join us on this impactful journey as we confront the dark underbelly of crimes against children, seeking justice and reform. Tune in to “The Family Ties Podcast,” a true crime series that sparks change and aims to make a lasting difference. Together, let’s break the silence and create a safer future for all children.

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