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Episode 21- Are Our Kids Safe? How Child Protective Services Are Failing Homeschool Children


This week Kelley and Julia share their research into Oregon Child Protective Services after covering the tragic case of the Hart family deaths in last week’s episode. They try to get to the bottom of why CPS is failing children in Oregon and what the possible solutions could be to fix their long-standing history of ineptitude to protect, while children have been dying or remain in dangerous home situations. Some of the details the sisters unearth are disturbing, shocking, and reveal a system riddled with problems, so tune in to hear how the one system in place to protect our children is failing our most vulnerable.

Episode Sources

The following are the sources Kelley and Julia found and share throughout the episode:

Department of Human Services by Oregon Secretary of State official site

Oregon’s Child Welfare Problems Persist, Audit Shows by Lauren Dake for OPB News

Children Left in Unsafe Homes by Oregon Social Workers Nearly Half the Time, Report Says by Molly Young for The Oregonian/Oregonian Live

Oregon’s DHS Director Didn’t See Major Child Abuse Report Until A Lawmaker Sent It by Conrad Wilson for OPB News

Foster children: Oregon Officials Keep Key Data on Safety from Public by Denis C. Theriault for The Oregonian/OregonLive

Protect Our Children – Call for a National Child Abuse Registry (NCAR)

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Kelley grew up as the fourth of six children in small town Hodgenville, Kentucky where she and her siblings were all homeschooled until graduation when she escaped off to college. Ever since she has been on a quest for learning and enlightenment. She is deeply passionate about politics, animals (particularly dogs and horses), art, film, fashion, and global issues.

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