Serenity McKinney Case Update: Guilty Plea and Unveiling the Gruesome Details

Catherine, Serenity, and Dakota

In a somber turn of events, the tragic case of 4-year-old Serenity McKinney has reached a pivotal moment. Dakota Hill, the man charged with her murder, has entered a guilty plea, opting to bypass a trial. As The Family Ties Podcast remains committed to delivering updates on this heart-wrenching case, we bring you the latest developments, including insights into the plea deal, community reactions, and the unveiling of disturbing details from a recent coroner’s report.

The Guilty Plea and Sentencing

Dakota Hill, 28, has officially pleaded guilty to the murder of Serenity McKinney. This admission extends to charges of abuse of a corpse and tampering with physical evidence. The prosecution has recommended a 50-year prison sentence, with all sentences to be served concurrently. The final decision on sentencing is slated for July 6, where the judge will determine the fate of the man responsible for this heinous crime.

Unveiling Gruesome Findings

Recently obtained through an Open Records Request, a coroner’s report has revealed chilling details about the investigation into Serenity McKinney’s murder. The report outlines the discovery of Serenity’s skeletal remains wrapped in plastic inside a green suitcase. While fractures were evident in both her arms and legs, the autopsy failed to provide conclusive evidence of “lethal trauma.” Additionally, the suitcase contained an unidentified sand-like substance, and toxicology reports showed no presence of drugs or alcohol in Serenity’s system.

The Bullitt County Coroner’s Office has concluded that, despite an undetermined cause of death, the circumstances surrounding the discovery of her body strongly suggest a homicidal manner of death. These gruesome findings emphasize the gravity of the crime committed against this innocent child.

A Lengthy Investigation Comes to an End

Serenity McKinney’s remains were discovered in February of this year in a wooded area of Bullitt County, near the Jefferson County line. This marked the conclusion of a painstaking six-month investigation into her disappearance. Shockingly, Serenity had not been seen by relatives for almost two years, as her grandmother, Melody Roller, revealed. The news of her tragic fate shattered the hearts of her loved ones, leaving them in anguish and seeking justice for her untimely demise.

Community and Family Reactions

The revelation of the coroner’s report has intensified the grief and anguish felt by Serenity’s family. Melody Roller, Serenity’s grandmother, expressed her deep sorrow and disbelief at the heinous crime committed against her precious granddaughter. Roller, alongside the community, continues to seek closure, peace, and justice for Serenity.

The Road Ahead

With the guilty pleas of both Dakota Hill and Catherine McKinney, the case takes a step closer to resolution. Hill’s guilty plea is expected to secure his testimony in the ongoing case against him. As the legal proceedings continue, The Family Ties will closely follow the developments, ensuring that the memory of Serenity McKinney remains alive while advocating for the protection and well-being of all children.


The guilty plea of Dakota Hill in the murder of 4-year-old Serenity McKinney marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of justice. The coroner’s report has shed light on the disturbing details of Serenity’s murder, emphasizing the brutality and violence inflicted upon this innocent child. The Family Ties Podcast stands with the community, supporting the pursuit of justice for Serenity, and advocating for stronger safeguards to protect vulnerable children. Together, we strive to create a world where no child suffers such a tragic fate.

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